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  • We come to your vehicles location
  • Free Removal
  • Same Day Service Available
  • We Buy Running/ Not Running/ Wrecked
  • Title Required
Paying a woman cash for her Toyota Solara in Roswell

Sell My Car for Cash
Running or Not

Sell my car for cash. We buy running and non running cars. Some people think that we only buy junk cars. Although we do buy a lot of unwanted vehicles. We actually buy more good running cars than you’d think. Make an appointment to sell your junk car today.

Cash in hand for a 2013 Honda Civic

We also Buy Wrecked Cars

Get cash in hand for your’e wrecked or salvaged vehicles. We love wrecked cars. They usually have some goods parts left in them. Maybe you were hit on the front end like in the picture above. That should leave the engine and transmission in good condition right?

Paid Cash for a Ford F-150 in Dunwoody, GA

We Buy Pickup Trucks and Vans too

We’ll give you cash in hand for your pick-up truck or van. It sucks when you walk out of Walmart and your car won’t start. Not only is your car broke down but you’re parked on somebody else’s property. No worries we’ll come to your vehicles location at a time that’s convenient for you, pay you cash and tow it away.

Sell My Car

I need to sell my car. Traditional car sales tactics aren’t for everybody. Some people don’t mind the hassle of fielding the phone calls of potential buyers. But some don’t need or want the hassle and stress. We understand that your car has problems. We’re not here to complain or judge your car. We’re here to make your selling process as seamless as possible. We’ll either make you an offer over the phone or we’ll make an appointment at your convenience see the car in person. Don’t worry about cleaning it out unless you’ve been living in it. Don’t worry about washing it or changing the fluids. This is what we do and we’ve probably seen much worse.

Cash for Cars

We pay cash for cars. Some cars are in pretty good shape and can still be useful to somebody out there. These are the kinds of cars we prefer. As a result we’re ready to give your running car the consideration it deserves. Don’t let a website give you a price for your vehicle just to have a real person show up with a real price. We’ll come out to your cars

We Buy Junk Cars

We buy any car, any year, any model as long as you have a title. Take the hassle out of getting rid of your unwanted vehicle by giving us a quick call today. We have representatives standing by to answer your call and walk you through the process.

WE WANT TO BUY YOUR CAR. If you are strapped for cash and need to get rid of your  unwanted car fast… call us! We can help!  

The process is simple. We’ll ask you a few questions about your vehicle, determine and agree upon a price and arrange for a driver to come and tow your vehicle away. Its as simple as 1,2,3!  Don’t be intimidated, we’re here to walk you through every step of the way, we’ll even show you where and how to sign and transfer your title.

Cash for Junk Cars

We also pay cash for junk cars trucks and vans. We buy vehicles with all sorts of problems. Blown head gaskets. Engines that won’t start. Transmission problems. You may not even know whats wrong with the vehicle but you know you don’t want it anymore. We even pay cash for scrap cars that are beyond repair. Get rid of your salvage car quickly and easily. Towing is always included.

Title is Required

A title is required for us to buy your vehicle. Unless your vehicle is considered to be a classic or an “old school” that was built before 1985 than we need to have a title in hand in order to buy it. You can get a copy of a lost title by contacting your states Motor Vehicle Department. Contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration if you have any questions about the national automobile laws.

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